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Image Server
Details and Download
Image Server is simple web based digital photo management system. It is used to display, store, annotate, and archive thousands of photos. There are many built-in features to make it easy to display your photos to the world.

Netscape Watch: nswatch
Details and Download
This tool watches Netscape on Linux and records the state of it (current URLs and placements) every five seconds. If it notices that Netscape has crashed, it will automagically restart it and reconstruct the previous state of your Netscape. If you are using Enlighenment, it will also place the windows according to which virtual desktop they were on.

Details and Download
Pylint is a project to attempt the impossible: a static type checker for Python! It actually is very possible to do this. David Jeske and I are working on a type inference engine that understands the python language and can detect type errors and violations. Adding type checking to python without changing the language will ease the maintainance of a large python project with lots of developers.

Details and Download
SYLU 2.0 is a version of Xerox PARC's ILU that is written entirely in Python. It is on-the-wire compatible with ILU 2.0 though not all of the features of ILU 2.0 are currently implemented.

Details and Download
WeatherUpdate is intended to be used with Davis Monitor II, Oregon Scientific WM-918, and WMR-968. It manages all the communication to and from the weather station hardware and exports the current conditions to a varity of services and software.

It can upload the current conditions to the Internet via via Click here for more information about the Personal Weather Station Project.

It is written in Python and should run anywhere where Python is installed.

Whois Module
Details and Download
Contacts the NetworkSolutions/ whois database for each domain and displays the result.

X2VNC hacks
Details and Download
This program will let you use two screens on two different computers as if they were connected to the same computer. Even if one of the computers runs Windows 95/98/NT and the other one runs X-windows.