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Image Server is simple web based digital photo management system. It is used to display, store, annotate, and archive thousands of photos. There are many built-in features to make it easy to display your photos to the world.

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This software is licensed under the PSF License.


  • Able to store ten of thousands of images.
  • Arranges photos into albums with thumbnails
  • Albums are easy to use and can be nested.
  • Metadata about images is stored, including title, description, captions, and date.
  • Photos are scaled to fit your browser.
  • Mouse Click zoom - clicking on a photo will automagically zoom in on that point.
  • One click button to change a photo to black and white.
  • Photos can easily be adjusted for brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
  • Photo search (over the titles, captions, or descriptions.)
  • Albums can be downloaded into a zip archive.
  • Photos can be deleted from an album.
  • Photos can be rotated by 90 or 270 degrees.
  • Photos can be cropped using a fun javascript crop tool.
  • Regions of the photos can be labeled.
  • All manipulations (rotation, cropping, etc) to a photo is stored as a annotation, never changing the actual photo.
  • Viewers can add comments to a photo.

Planned features

  • move/copy operations
  • create new/delete folder operation
  • queue and print operations
  • ability to save a set of tranformations on an image and treat it as another image.

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2004-02-01 Version 2004_02_01 released.
  • added the ability for albums to turn on/off comments, photo ordering, and whether the filename should be used in place of a missing title.
  • added the ability to order a photo print via
  • added the ability to designate a cover photo for an album.
  • 2003-06-12 Version 2003_06_12 released.
  • added the ability for viewers to add comments.
  • added a printable view
  • added a Powered By ImageServer logo to the bottom of the pages.
  • added a keywords field to photos
  • added a bydate view
  • built seperate admin pages for the index and photo display
  • added the ability to constrain the crop window
  • dedicated slideshow view
  • added a slideshow button to the photo index pages
  • changed to work with Windows/Apache
  • 2002-09-19 Version 2002_09_19 released.
  • added for installations that don't have mod_python installed.
  • fixed an IE click zoom bug
  • 2002-09-17 Version 2002_09_17 released.
  • fixed virtual hosting system (uses .vhosts directory)
  • uses a cookie to remember desired photo size
  • uses .access directory to hold authenication data
  • revamped image manipulation system into a pipeline.
  • 2002-08-19 Version 2002_08_19 released.
  • upgraded to work with apache 1.3+ and mod_python 2.7.8
  • added the crop and label features
  • uses ClearSilver for templating
  • 2001-01-19 Version 2001_01_19 released.
  • changed the log format to include the referer and useragent
  • added admin security login
  • added a configuration check for all binaries
  • added a and module for configuration options.
  • 2000-12-14 Version 2000_12_14 released.
  • changed the layout to include a drop shadow on each of the photos.
  • adds a count of the number of photos in a album to its title.
  • 2000-11-01 Version 2000_11_01 released.
  • added the delete operation
  • added the rotate 90 and rotate 270 operation
  • automatic invalidation of the image after it has been rotated
  • added the automatic redirection after an operation is finished

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