WeatherUpdate is intended to be used with Davis Monitor II, Oregon Scientific WM-918, and WMR-968. It manages all the communication to and from the weather station hardware and exports the current conditions to a varity of services and software.

It can upload the current conditions to the Internet via via Click here for more information about the Personal Weather Station Project.

It is written in Python and should run anywhere where Python is installed.


To download a current version of WeatherUpdate, choose one of the options listed below.

This software is licensed under the PSF License.


  • Supported Platforms:
    • Linux
    • Windows 9x
    • MacOS (currently alpha)
  • Supported Weather Stations:
    • Davis Monitor II
    • Oregon Scientific WM918
    • Radio Shack WX200
    • Oregon Scientific WMR968
  • Supported Weather Station Software:
    • Virtual Weather Station: writes a CSV file that VWS can be configured to read.
    • gWX: gwx compatible server to the gWX client via port 9753.

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2002-04-18 Version 2002_04_18 released.
  • support for calibrated sensor values for the Davis Monitor.
  • 2001-01-23 Version 2001_01_23 released.
  • support for the Rainwise WS-2000 weather station
  • 2000-11-02 Version 2000_11_02 released.
  • support for gWX client
  • 2000-10-31 Version 2000_10_31 released.
  • support for the Virtual Weather Station

  • Last update: 2000-12-31
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